Company Profile

LIVRADO Accounting Agency began its operations in the year 2013. The company office is located in the heart of Niepołomice, in a tenement house in the Town Square, above Zdrowe Ceny Pharmacy. The owner of the Agency is Katarzyna Trzepla, the graduate of full-time studies at the Cracow University of Economics, The Faculty of Management, Major in accounting. In the year 2008, Ms. Katarzyna Trzepla obtained the Accounting Certificate issued by the Minister of Finance No. 23446/2008. In the year 2010, she opened the qualification procedure for the candidates for the Chartered Auditor. Currently, the process of obtaining the title of Chartered Auditor is in its final stage. Ms. Katarzyna Trzepla has a lot of experience in services to foreign commercial companies. Participation in many meetings and audits in Poland and abroad let her accumulate valuable experience, customer service knowledge and business contacts. LIVRADO Accounting Agency is the partner office of WERAT Financial and Accounting Services Agency located in Niepołomice in Królowej Bony 7. The exchange of experience between these partners, mutual support and help in everyday duties lets us increase your benefits and facilitate contact with our agencies.