Lidia Tomaszewska-Trzepla, owner Accounting Office "Werat"

Scrupulousness, solid knowledge and lots of experience, accompanied by on-going training and keeping eye on all developments in the current provisions of law - these characteristics lets us truly recommend the services of the company directed by Katarzyna Trzepla to all who seek expert and professional accountant services and tax consultancy.

Renata Petryka, CEO - Tax Consilium Ltd.

Mrs. Katarzyna Trzepla conducted for us tens of group training and individual lessons in handling programs: Płatnik, Symfonia Finanse i Księgowość, Kadry i Płace Optima i Optima rachunkowość. All activities we evaluate very highly. Mrs. Katarzyna has demonstrated extensive theoretical knowledge, professionalism and integrity. Her preparation, methodology and experience have been appreciated by the participants of our training in surveys. With full responsibility we recommend LIVRADO Accounting Office and Mrs. Katarzyna Trzepla as a trustworthy business partner.